MeditationKriya is a Meditation Kriya yoga technique for the mind and iNNer Transformation.

Meditation Kriya provides various Kriya techniques to do meditation which works as Kriya yoga of mind.  Meditation is about living in the moment. 
Talk to one of MeditationKriya teachers & find out what Meditation Kriya yoga works for you.

Focused attention

By focusing attention on one thing, subject or mantra.

Open monitoring

Not focusing, not chanting, not being judgmental. Letting things happen as they are.

Mindfulness Meditation

Enjoying whatever we are doing. Eating then eat mindfully. Walking then walk mindfully. No need to put any effort

Guided Meditation

Specifically designed for you to resolve a specific thought or issue in your life. Teacher will guide you step by step breath by breath.

Your life of Happiness


Meditation Kriya

Many people are alive but are not living the life they want to live. Don’t wait to touch the miracle of being alive

Take a look at the amazing features of Meditation Kriya & ask yourself the question?

meditation kriya

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We at KRIYA provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the time here
we can talk and come to a conclusion.

Why Meditation Kriya?


Individual support to find what works for you.

Easy to do

Easy to implement.

Easy to learn

Work with your teacher & create a meditation plan for you.

Way of Meditation which works for you.

One mantra one size fit all solution may not have worked for you. Talk Meditation Kriya experts & find out what meditation method works for you

Featured Meditation Courses

Do Meditation! Do Meditation!! Do Meditation!!!
we can talk and come to a conclusion what meditation works for you.


Meditation is The X-factor of life.
we can talk and come to a conclusion what works for you.


Simply fall in love with meditation Notice the changes in your life.

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The easiest way to de-clutter your life is simply doing meditation.
we can talk and come to a conclusion what type of meditation is easy for you.

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Happiness workshop MeditationKriya Meditation kriya

Meditation gives you an opportunity to look into yourself. You will find your true passions to your life.

Our Status in Numbers

Total Users

Individuals who transformed by one on one session & are now happy to be in the moment. Meditation is now  incorporated in their daily life.


Years of Experience

Created Meditation Kriya for individual people to enhance grow their personal life, for couples to improve marriage & family relationships.



Delhi Gurgaon Mumbai Ahmedbad Goa  Chandigarh Jaipur Noida Faridabad Sydney London Dubai


Meditation Teachers

Psychologists Doctors & Corporate Trainers who  took training adopted Meditation Kriya & Now willing to help you.

Our Special Team

Meditation is the best investment decisions in life.


Meditation Mentor

Love without sacrifice may seems like theft as friends say they are interested in your life, they never really want to talk about you as much as you want them to.


Silent Meditation Expert

How to silence the mind.  Mind keeps on creating thoughts. When are unable to accept & lose Patience in the present moment. Let’s find out what is required for good feelings. Karishma

Manu Swaran

Motivational Trainer

Let’s cherish this beautiful lie (life) before you get closer to the fact (Death, pain) .


Corporate Trainer

Left my corporate job as Trainer & learned the skills for life . Now my goal is to help people perform better at workplace plus manage personal relations  mindfully.

Way of Meditation which works for you

Observe your thoughts, whats going on in your thoughts ?

Let’s talk about the method of meditation which works for you.

Make your way to complete health

Make your way to complete health
  • Make your way to complete health

    Make your way to complete health
  • The secret of manifesting

    The secret of manifesting
  • Power to you

    Power to you
  • Law of Attraction

    Law of Attraction

Make your way to complete health

The spiritual bedrocks of humans are formed through Meditation. Never miss it.

Meditation Kriya leads to healing.

If you are locked in the room of sufferings, complaints, unhappiness, then Meditation is the key to unlock your door of sufferings, complaints.

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