Mindfulness Meditation

How to practice Mindfulness Meditation for life.

How to Live in the moment in tough times. Mindfulness Meditation course is designed in simple MeditationKriya format. Daily Kriya of Meditation is simply a way to train your body and mind to pay attention and take control of your thoughts and feelings. You can do it anywhere, anytime, daily and the results will be priceless. No need to make any special arrangements if you can’t. Meditation Kriya course of Mindfulness Meditation covers :

  • What is Mindfulness Meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation techniques to practice with #MeditationKriya
  • Mindfulness meditation exercises specifically for people who have no time.
  • Mindfulness meditation simple ways to incorporate into daily life.
  • Benefits of mindfulness meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation to reduce anxiety & stress & practical live exercises with students in the class.


The best way for someone to understand MeditationKriya is to try it, for themselves, it is not until then that people can truly understand the true meaning of meditation. The experience is different for everyone and in order for MediationKriya to work properly; you must be willing to put in the effort to get to learn the different styles and the proper way to practice meditation. Meditationkriya is a practice that takes time and dedication, with practice and patience you will begin to notice a difference in how you perceive and think about things.


These days it seems that things are moving so fast that we have lost control of our lives between work, kids and their activities. With all this activity going on you may have the feeling that something is missing, the calmness and peace gets lost in our daily lives. We all could use peace and tranquillity in our lives, meditation is a great way to gain sanity back into your life. The trick is learning how to accomplish this.

When people think of meditation, the image of a monk wearing a white robe, sitting cross-legged in the wilderness always seems to be the picture most thought of. It is true that meditation has been around for centuries, however many people today use their own form of meditation. For example the person that runs at dawn every day, the old woman that waters her plants in late afternoon, they all have their own style of meditationkriya. Considering meditation has been around for centuries many believe that a form of relaxation that old would not work with our lifestyles today. However, many people from different cultures with many different beliefs have used meditation successfully. Meditationkriya is simple to learn all you need is an open mind, the motivation to learn, and the dedication to continue with it and not give up after only a few sessions. The hardest thing to accomplish when starting a meditation ritual is finding the time and this usually means that something else will have to take a backseat until you get better control of your time. Meditation Kriya is not like taking an over the counter pill to help an ache or pain, it takes time and consistent effort.