Kirtan kriya Meditation technique

There are a number of ways to meditate & be stress-free by giving the mind a rest. In kirtan kriya meditation technique you focus on one mantra and chant while inhaling. While exhaling release the stress out with breath.
In the beginning, every new process looks difficult but millions of people chant their mantra to help them meditate.

What type of Kirtan or what is the mantra to chant for?
It depends on your belief. You can have any belief. We at Meditation Kriya are not going to change your belief, but rather teach you the best way to incorporate the belief into your kirtan Kriya.

If you are just starting out Kirtan Kriya don’t expect the results or goals to complete as you finish your Kirtan Kriya in 5 minutes. In the long run, as you become attuned to your Kirtan Meditation Kriya you will be able to maintain focus and improve memory.

Kirtan can be a constant phenomenon like when you are not doing anything you can do your own kirtan in your mind. During stress or depression, it gives Hope because you are not allowing the negative thoughts to come into your mind & are forcing your mind to replace negative thoughts with the hope of chanting & attuning yourself to the current situation.

According to studies Kirtan kriya can have immediate, long-term positive benefits for the brain. Kirtan Kriya meditation is a combination of focused breath work, singing or chanting (and whispering), finger movements (called “mudras”), and visualization.

Posture for Kirtan Meditation Kriya can be any lotus posture of freedom from the body while dancing along with chanting. To repeat the mantra some also use music or repetitive mantra to submerge themselves along with the music.

Kirtan Kriya Meditation Technique encourages a renewed sense of peace and balance.

What does Kirtan Kriya do?