Music Meditation Kriya

Music is rich in sensation and feeling that it naturally draws us away from thought, helping us to holds our attention and focus. When we try to listen more carefully to music, we can feel it resonating in our bodies and our mind immediately becomes clearer.

Sometimes you become so absorbed in the music that you are aware of nothing else forgetting yourself and problems completely if only tor a few seconds. This is when the music seems exceptionally beautiful. In fact, your alert, clear state of mind is what makes the music so entrancing.

Best Music MeditationKriya is the one that keeps your mind from wandering as focusing on music can calm the mind. Whether slow, tranquil, passionate, classical or modern, any music will do, as long as it holds your attention.

You can also use music to set a mood without actually focusing on it. Like focusing on your breathing or scanning the body with soft music in the background. From time to time, you will notice the music but like random sounds, as it is not your main focus, it does not actually penetrate your mind.

Using deep #MeditationKriya music tend to act as a safety net when your mind wanders. As the sensory qualities of the music also tend to augment the sensory flavor of your meditation be quite clear whether you are meditating with the music in the background or on the music as the focus.

Unlike music you deliberately meditate to, deep meditation kriya music should be quite bland as anything exciting or even remotely interesting can easily distract you from your primary meditation object. Those of nature sounds or relaxation music are quite suitable. Finally, the music needs to be about half the normal volume given that when we meditate, our hearing becomes very acute. Deep Meditation kriya music should be so quiet that it does not dominate consciousness, be like the random sounds, something that you notice in passing and often not at all.