Sense Meditation Kriya

To relax and be in the moment means concentrating on the sensations of the current sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Sense meditation is the center of the tactile sensation of your body, for example, consciously savoring the flavors of an apple you just took a bite of, feeling the softness of your clothes on your skin, listening to the rain so on.

Sense and thought use different parts of the brain and have two opposite mental roles. The previous is relaxing and the last often creates excitement, therefore concealing each other. While thinking is usually quick and abrupt, sensing slows down an overactive mind. It also uses less energy because it is more submissive in nature. Sensing results in slower, more regular brain waves, which is closer to our natural state.

Sense Meditation Kriya also helps to focus on the present moment which offers a break from the past and future and all suffering linked with it. By consciously listening, looking or tasting, the energy is removed from different parts of the brain that results in a depleted supply of oxygen and glucose briefly, this results in the weakening the developing thoughts.

We are all capable of listening or tasting naturally, although it does not mean that we do it correctly. In reality, we perhaps only knowingly spend very little time in the sensing mode. More often than not, we live in our minds, more than in our bodies. It is estimated that we speak to ourselves at a rate of 500 to 1000 words a minute and we are not aware of those thoughts.

Practice focusing more sincerely to improve sensing. The mind accurately speeds from one thought to a different within microseconds and our capability to taste, smell or hear is very insignificant. The secret is to choose what to concentrate on then put everything else into the backdrop. It does not matter if you focus on your body, an object or an activity. It is the quantity of your focusing that determines how relaxed you will become, not what you are focusing on.

Focusing and Sense Meditation Kriya is the ability to let go. It takes place for the most part when you totally lose interest in everything else; Rarely, your object can mesmerize you so much that it completely fills your mental space for a few moments. This is when there is nothing on your mind but the faint sound of music in the background or the taste of your wine. This state of deep focus is known as oneness.