Sound Meditation Kriya

The sound is constantly around us, which makes listening to an extremely convenient mode of sound meditation kriya, as you can practically do it anytime and anywhere. Whether it is calming sounds or created in the course of doing something.

Paying attention to the sounds near you for a moment it can be soothing. A small instant of listening can create pleasant results because not only the sounds are soothing but also the action of listening is a lot more calming than the act of thinking. Sound Meditation crafts the mind to be sharper and clearer.

Listening quickly removes you from a conscious state and the reality that unsystematic sounds are more often than not psychologically unbiased compared to one’s thoughts, as a result, the stress reaction is not disturbed. Additionally, listening is mindlessly simple and therefore burns hardly any energy, simply listen to the noises around you from one minute to the next.

Take a walk to a nearby park, sit and listen to the sounds around you. The stress acquired from your work environment may still be the same as when you left, although you will return calmer and more relaxed, being able to handle any situation you face during the rest of your day.