Visualization Meditation Kriya

With daily visualization, there are two separate steps for proper visualization. Step one is receptive, in this step, you are relaxed, you allow images and thoughts to come and go through your mind without picking and choosing. You are just letting it come to you and you take them as they come. In step two active mode, you consciously pick the images and pictures you would like to see. Both the receptive and active modes are important steps to creative imagination and with plenty of practice they will come and go without your knowledge.

Special Problems with Visualization: Some people unknowingly create this fear and it results in the inability to visualize anything. This fear is commonly caused by being afraid to look into oneself and being scared of what they may encounter while visualizing. Once you reach this stage, the fear creates this type of mental block. The best way to overcome this fear is to try visualization at a slower pace and visualize relaxing calm place you have been to or imagine a far away place that you would someday like to visit. Imagine every detail down to the colours, smells, and the air around you. The main thing to remember is that your fears only surface from the things you do not confront head on. Once you decided to face that fear, you will realize that it was not bad at all, and you were afraid for no reason.

Process of Visualization

  • Set Your Goal
    Choose a goal that is easy for you to believe in, one that you feel is possible to achieve in the near future. As a result, will not have to deal with negative thoughts about yourself, and you can increase your feelings of success as you learn visualization. Choose something you would like to have, work toward, realize, or create. It can be anything a job, a house, a relationship, a change in yourself, improved health, beauty, or better physical condition, or whatever. When you have more experience, you can take on more difficult or challenging problems.
  • Create a Clear Idea or Picture
    Produce an idea or mental picture of the object or situation exactly as you would like it. You should think in the present tense, as already existing the way you want it to be. Include as many details as you can such as colours, sounds, and feelings, try to use all five of your senses to make it as real as possible. You may even find it fun to draw yourself an actual picture of what you imagined, something you can store away and look at later to get you back in that same relaxed comforting state.
  • Give it Positive Energy
    When thinking about your goal keep a positive outlook on it. Picture yourself working to achieve that special goal. Encourage yourself, become your own cheerleader and use affirmations to assure yourself you can achieve this goal. Remove the negative feelings and any doubt you may have out of your mind and practice cheering your self on towards reaching that goal. Keep in mind that as we grow our goals will change also. After some time you may realize that the goal you have been striving to reach just is not your thing any more, do not spend wasted effort on trying to reach it. Set new goals for yourself, do not get down on yourself people grown and so do there goals and dreams, remember when you were a child and the big question was what you wanted to be when you grow up? If growing and changing goals where not an aspect of life I think everyone would still be working for the fire fighter or ballerina positions. So keep in mind as you grow and change your goals and dreams will too. Keep in mind also, when you reach your goal that you have been trying so hard to reach. Do not simply just smile and move on. Make a big deal out of it, you have worked hard mentally and physically to get here, congratulate your self and enjoy.

Once you have your goal set, think of it often, not only while meditation and visualizing, think of it while doing your daily activities, what better way to pass the time while doing the dishes or yard work. Thinking of your goals and visualization often will become the habit and it will naturally be a part of your everyday. Thus resulting in it actually being reality and it will not seem so far stretched and unreachable. However, try not to obsess too much about it; this will not only result in added stress resulting in the complete opposite results of your goal. In addition, if for some reason you cannot achieve your goal it will become emotionally and physically draining and hard on your body.