What does Kirtan Kriya do?

Kirtan Kriya meditation helps you deal better with traumatic experiences.  Sometimes what difficulty you are going no one understands them. Maybe you keep on blaming yourself for the traumatic experience in your life. Thoughts generate your feelings & if you keep on thinking about that you are the one to blame for the event then that’s how you will feel all time.  By keeping these feelings your sleep can be interrupted or you may feel alone. You may be having a flashback to the traumatic event & reliving the experience with every thought.

Kirtan Kriya meditation can help you overcome the reminders of the traumatic event. You don’t have to relive the traumatic event again & again. Kirtan Kriya meditation helps your mind to detox from the negative thinking. As you probably can’t change what has happened in the past but you do have a choice to live the life of today.

Kirtan Kriya meditation is a technique of meditation which helps you create a new purpose in your life as you are reminding yourself through chant there is hope there is someone there who is looking at your situation. You can have any belief all beliefs have some form of KritanKriya of meditation


What is Kirtan Kriya meditation?